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Yer Know The Dance!

August 10, 2012

As from next week, Swine will be teaming up with Who’s Arsed to bring you ‘Yer Know The Dance’ a popular colloquialism used by cynics to describe an in-built suspicion of what is being paraded as ‘the truth’ whether that’s the real sell-on value of certain Geordie strikers or the reasons for toppling Assad in Syria.

‘The dance’ applies to virtually any subject and knowing the dance requires the dancer to be aware of the steps, steps maybe even unknown to the hot steppers and fairground waltzers of the powers that be.

It won’t all be snide piss-taking and bilious polemic (that’ll be 90%) but a place we can mull over landscape and memory (eh?), showcase poetry and essays (y’wha?) and celebrate things we admire and condemn things we despise. Sounds shit doesn’t it? It won’t be. Or maybe it will, that’s up to you our super soaraway Sun burning readers to decide.

Thanks for sticking with Swine for 7 years and the archive will still be there for anyone who wants to delve deeper into our pool of hate.

The site’s still being developed but there are a few old and new things on there. Re-set your favourites or just fuck us off, up to you!


Link to YKTD

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