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Kenny Kicker On Andy Murray, Build a Bear & Bob Diamond

July 8, 2012

Telling yer girl don’t let yer kid go in there, it’s a secret base for the Buildabear group, they’re taking over the world by installing these tracking devices in kid’s teddies and shit, just like that bit in Spongebob The Movie when plankton puts that receiver in all the crusty crab patty buckets and turns everyone into zombies. Well, that’s what’s gonna happen with the Buildabear firm.

I’ve seen the evidence on the internet in America, they’ve got these underground bunkers where all the kids have been programmed to kill their mams and dads after the Buildabear boss, Bob Diamond plugs in his bird’s vibrator and sends a signal to all the teddies and that then transmits a beam into the kids heads and makes em go and get a big fuck off spud peeler from the kitchen drawer and gouge out their mam and dad’s eyes when they’re asleep.

Swear down girl, it’s all on there, so don’t be fooled, it looks harmless enough but look what they put in the stuffing, it’s all in Hebrew if you look dead close, secret Kabala fucking code words stuffed into kiddies toys. Sick lad! Don’t look now but the CCTV is clocking us so just pretend I’m like your fellar ok girl, they’re onto me, MI5, the CIA, Mossad, Barclays all of em girl they’re all in on it, they’ve got secret cameras outside all the Buildabear shops clocking people like me who’re trying to put people straight about what they’re up to.

I’ve got about 2 minutes before they spring Operation Silence Kenny with the SWAT mob, the Matrix, The Chuckle Brothers, Joe Anderson, Billy Butler, the bird from Countdown all of em girl, the whole Illuminati will be here any minute so I’m gonna do one OK girl? Just remember, this firm are the same ones who bumped off Princess Eugenie and Roy Orbison who was a double agent for Mossad and the KGB, that’s why he wore them shades all the time, it’s Bozo from U2 now who’s palled up with that Mossad cunt, Geldof and all his crew from the Dublin IRA Zionist grasses that poisoned Arafat with an umbrella made out of pure polony sausage from Poland.

If you get on youtube search Kenny Kicker channel and you’ll see me outside the cashpoint by Asda explaining how all the hole sin the ATMs are linked to Amazon and Facebook who then pass the PIN numbers onto the Mormons who update their database in Salt City Las Vegas then sell on the info to the Albanian mafia who pass it onto Garston college of FE and Toccy jobby to track down anyone claiming tax credits and bunking on the 86 into town.

No shit girl, I’ve seen em getting the secret briefcase from a lad wearing a big black Berghaus at JLA. I’ve heard that the CIA have made a plane made totally from semtex which they’ve got some daft Cockney muslims to fly from Moscow and do a kamikaze on Iran cos they’re gonna fit em up and claim it was Putin’s mob behind 911 and the floods in Hebden Bridge. Makes sense when yer think about it.

Bob Diamond’s just a prawn girl, he’s the bag man for the Moon jews, pumping trillions into the IMF and then charging 1876% interest like Quickquid to the Greeks and the fellar who owns Man City so they can fund their mission to Mars where there’s the biggest diamond mine in the solar system. All this shit about the Libor rate, that’s just a smokescreen girl cos the big money’s being made in China where the Triads, the Turkish smack barons and Pancake have got this massive lab under the Gobi desert cooking up tablets for the Fitz’s.

Look, if this fellar wearing a black Burtons suit and shades comes over t’yer when I’ve got off, don’t tell him nottin girl OK, just crack on I’m yer cousin cos every bird I’ve talked to in the past 3 years has been taken over to Guantanamo and waterboarded for years on end by the FBI and him out of Rambo 3, trying to get the in on me but I’m always one step ahead like Carly Simon The Coyote who killed that fellar from Allo Allo, Gordon Ramsey or whoever who was a nazi double agent working for Mossad.

If Andy Murray wins Wimbledon today and he will cos it’s all been sorted with the Swiss cheese board, that’s the secret signal OK. Bob’s Rumanian brass will switch on her dildo and all the teddys will start going mad, then watch yer eyes girl cos little Cheyna here will be suckin yer eyeballs out with a spud peeler in her little hand but don’t blame her girl, it’s the fuckin plankton from Spongebob who’s JW Henry’s double agent grass working for the Glazer family and Herbert from Herberts. OK girl, the cleaners coming, watch her, she’s got CS gas in her mop just in case it goes off. Later love.


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