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Cardinal Fang, Fetch The Comfy Chair pt 2

May 1, 2012

So Murdoch’s much awaitied appearance at the Leveson enquiry was yet another damp squib. This time round, Rupe wasn’t playing the Uncle Junior confused old man role but seemed like a different person, the kind of person who had the leading western politicians of the world in his deep Aussie pockets. Still, he wasn’t giving much away, just cracking on that he was a simple businessman who ofcourse courted prime ministers and so on, or rather they courted him because that’s just the way business works.

This is often the mantra trotted by so-called ‘leaders of industry’ and ‘media barons’ that they’re not political at all, they simply adapt to the prevailing political winds and so, Murdoch’s papers backed Blair but only because they knew he was a shoe-in to be the next PM and could prove useful to his media empire, being a ‘pragmatist’ himself ie a self-serving, greedy, warmongering maggot much in his own likeness. Once New Labour had served their purpose, ofcourse Murdoch’s rags went back to their Tory homeland. In the US, Murdoch’s Fox news network is an even more corrosive force pushing an unashamedly ultra-right wing agenda because the ‘neo con’ free market fanatics are the kind of people who Murdoch needs to exploit the laws on media ownership.

In the states, for all their inflated business is best posturing, they still take the law and their political responsibilities very seriously indeed and there’s no way the senate would have allowed something as despicable and illegal as the hacking of private phone calls to have become embedded in the newspaper industry. Even the CIA, the FBI and the police have to pass stringent tests before they can wire-tap private conversations between suspected terrorists and criminals never mind two bit ‘celebrities’ or, most atrociously, the grieivng parents of murder victims.

Don’t fall for Murdoch’s blame shifting act, he knew exactly what was going on at the News Of The World and The Sun. How could he not when his son’s writing cheques for £750,000 to keep the likes of Gordon Taylor quiet. The real scandal that has been exposed is the level of complicity between the Tory establishment, the Metropolitan Police and the NewsCorp bigwigs. It’s a cover-up of unprecedented scale and importance that could shape the global media for decades to come and yet, there was the puppet master himself, under oath, and he got the kind of grilling a fresh sardine would’ve enjoyed.

After his previous appearance with halfwit son and heir to the Newscrap empire, Rupert obviously had a few scores to settle. His chum Cameron had distanced himself first from former NOTW editor and Tory PR spimaster Andy Coulson and then dropped former Sun editor and Murdoch protege, Rebeka Brooks in the shit to save his skin. was it therefore a coincidence that Murdoch’s Times exposed the cash for policy scandal at the heart of Tory fundraising? This was Rupert firing a broadside across Tory bows; go easy!

The great get out clause of all politicians found on the fiddle is that ‘we need to draw a line under this and move on’ but this has gone too far for that. All the delaying tactics in the world, all the enquiries and reviews that automaticaly result from such events, just buy the guilty time, let the dust settle and then move on. People have short memories. Maybe this’ll wash in Britain but in the US they’re smelling blood. The law means something in the Land of The Free. yes, there are still corporate sharks bending it to their own purposes but there’s also regulation and examination of take overs and ownership deals, there’s a desire for plurality and accountability.

Let’s see what would’ve happened if say George Bush or Barak Obama had had cosy meetings with a media baron who controlled the leading tabloid and most respected serious new title, a leading satellite channel and news network and wanted to increase his holding in tv – oh and by the way his papers had been found guilty of hacking phone calls over years, the editors responsible had been recruited to senior positions within the government, the police refused to investigate complaints because their own staff were also paid by the same organisation and the minister in charge of media ownership had been passing confidential information to the organisation to help them undermine any complaints from the regulators. Yes, imagine the outrage that’d cause on Capitol Hill.


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