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Kenny Kicker On Syria

March 19, 2012



Telling yer lad, I went to New York last month and the twin towers are still there. They’ve put up these massive sheets painted the colour of buildings and the sky so you can’t see em but if you take the Staten Island ferry over to Brooklyn on the lower north side then you can see right behind the sheets where there’s a big fuck off rocket manned by Mossad agents. They’ve got a secret base on the moon where all the orthodox Jews live and every week they send up loads of bagels and diamonds. I’ve seen em’ kidda, all getting on board in their mad black hats, putting on crash helmets with little skull caps on the top and then when it’s dark, about 3 o’clock in the morning when everyone’s in their pit, they blast off to the Mossad secret base where they’re planning world world three inside a crater.

That’s what all this shite in Syria’s about lid. Fucken arab spring! Guess who’s behind all that? The jews lad. I’ve seen the secret footage on the internet, when the twin towers fall, they actually fall up, not down because the projector slipped into reverse. Slow it right down and you’ll see a man going up to the windwo and the planes going backwards. It’s all part of the plan lad, they sponsored Hitler to kill all the Jews so they could play the sympathy card and return to Palestine and then grab all their secret money they’d stashed in the pyramids and pay the yanks off to go to war with the Russians and get Neil Armstrong to build them a secret base on the moon and then pay the muslims to start world war three so that the Iranians would launch a nuclear bomb attack but by this time, they’ll be up there in the sea of tranquility laughing their circumcised cocks off kidda.

It’s all in this book a lad showed me in the jug which adds up all the numbers; like 9 is the ninth letter of the alphabet right, the ninth letters of the alphaber is I and 1 is the first letter of the alphabet  which is A, so 911 spells IAA, International American Airlines. 9+1+1=11 right which corresponds top the letter K.  K for kabala, K for the KKK, K for a grand. K is the secret letter of the Zionist masonic lodge. It all adds up, just like 666 is 911 divided by 9 x 1 divided by pi. Or something. I can’t remember how it goes now but you can see it on the internet lad but don’t go on-line in the library cos the women there’s Mi5 lad, she’s got a camera in every computer that goes straight to Dame Edna Everidge in that building in London. You put Jewish, rocket, New York, secret moonbase, world war three, Kissinger, Joe Anderson into google and they send out a Mossad agent to shut you up.

That’s what happened to Diana lad, Dodi was a Mossad double agent and had seen the plans for world war three left on his arl fellar’s yacht when Kissinger was having a shower with some Egyptian rent boy. Diana found them in Dodi’s kecks when he was having a wank in the gold bog in that hotel in Paris and tried to phone Charles but Charles is a CIA agent cos they’ve got a secret film of him sucking off a corgi so he grassed Di up to the French secret service and they passsed the info onto Mossad who sent Carlos The Jackal to liquidate her. That’s between me and you though lad, oh yeah, and 20 Lambert please mate.    


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