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Hate Preacher Can Not Be Deported Outrage!

February 13, 2012

A notorious preacher of hate could be released on to Britain’s streets after European judges ruled his ‘human rights’ protect him from deportation.
Paul Dacre, a radical newspaper editor linked to David Cameron, is notorious for stirring up hatred against ethnic minorities, trade unions, gays, single mothers, benefit claimants, the disabled, the mentally ill, young working class women enjoying themselves on holiday, muslims, micro pigs, foppish upper class actors called Hugh and anyone else who does not conform to his twisted, fascistic worldview.

Yet despite Dacre’s long history of hate mongering, the European Court of Human Rights yesterday ruled the UK government cannot deport the fanatic, once described as Oswald Mosley’s ambassador in Europe, in case he does not get a ‘fair trial’.

If the judgment stands, Dacre – currently in a highly paid job – will be free to a life on expenses with his wife and children. Security officials would then be forced to excuse his outbursts as example of a free press and good old fashioned freedom of speech that he would deny others not like him.

The European court accepted that Dacre, who has cost the UK untold damage through his malacious onslaught would not have been ill-treated if deported to Nazi Germany.

However the judges said they were worried some of the evidence used against him may have come from reading his paper.

The verdict – which overturns a ruling by the UK’s senior law courts and the Leveson whitewash enquiry into press ethics has been slammed by anti-racist groups as ‘a disgrace.’

One member of the Enraged Dacre Loons (EDL) told Swine “it’s a disgrace that this fanatic is allowed to stay put, spreading his vile hate and we can’t do anything about it. It’s political correctness gone mad!”


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  1. Ishmael permalink

    Meanwhile, respectable journalists on The Scum are being treated like cattle.

    • pity the poor sun reporter – treated like common criminals! maybe they should do a headline ‘the truth’ eh?

  2. Fat Jeff permalink

    He’s got a head like Clive Anderson. The odious tory hank!!

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