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Sack Mac

January 16, 2012

Former Sun editor, Kelvin MacKenzie is perhaps the most hated man on Merseyside not because he’s a self-promoting, right wing, so-called ‘controversialist’ (there are thousands of these pricks on telly and radio up and down the land|) but because under his editorship of The Sun he prided himself on doing the dirty work of Thatcher’s regime and her pals in Big Industry, including Murdoch. Ever since, the media and the political elite have been in cahoots, the BBC being too shit scared of offending the tabloids to actually do any investigative reporting of its own and becoming simply a regurgitator of state propaganda and tabloid tittle tattle. If the papers keep going for the BBC then equally terrified politicians will begin asking awkward questions and Murdoch may finally get his way over the licence fee. The whole sorry saga goes round and round and leads to the type of shameful events that lead to the Leveson inquiry.

Yet, all along the BBC have indulged MacKenzine, lining his pockets to appear on numerous television and radio programmes since his media ‘career’ hid the skids. The clueless Pythonesque ‘Spanish Inquisition’ at MacKenzie’s recent appearance at the Leveson Inquiry failed to ask him one single question about his role in the Sun’s Hillsborough coverage but spent lots of time on Ann Diamond and Elton John. That’s not to say that both Ann and to a lesser extent Elton didn’t have their own justifiable beefs with The Sun but compared to Hillsborough and an establishment smear on the lives of 96 dead fans, perhaps those two bob Torquemada’s could have prioritised their case beforehand.

His self-glorifying, quasi-comic appearance (that John Major impression was ‘hilarious’) at Leveson not only proved that this loathesome prick has no conscience but assured him an appearance on the BBC’s Question Time. Here a typically timid David Dimblebey and a surprisingly restrained Claire Short tried to get him to defend himself or to apologise for his paper’s Hillsborough coverage but MacKenzie could only offer a half-arsed admission that he couldn’t substantiate his story that fans urinated on police and picked the pockets of the dead. That piece of propaganda he claims ‘came from a Liverpool news agency (which one?), a Tory MP (surprise surprise) and an un-named senior policeman (who?)’ and, no matter what he said, it wouldn’t please ‘some Liverpool fans’. He was then let off the hook by a former print worker and allowed to swerve the uncomfortable line of questioning by his BBC chum, Dimbleby who kindly explained that he was no longer the editor of The Sun before moving on swiftly to another topic.

With this in mind, I’ve lodged an official complaint with the BBC that asks why licence fee money is being spent on lining the pockets of a man who not only offends those who lost loved ones at Hillsborough but who has consistently sought to undermine the BBC itself. Doesn’t this only strengthen the idea that the BBC and the media look after their own at the expense of ordinary citizens damaged the worst excesses of the press? Maybe he knows about the skeletons in various BBC bigwigs closets, maybe he really does believe that he has something unique to offer the world and maybe one day we’ll all get to know the truth about how the media, the police, the Tory government and the FA covered up their failings back in 1989. Don’t expect the BBC to go digging for evidence though.


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  1. chris permalink

    Couldn’t agree more. Not only was the tool on Question Time he was also on Radio 5 in the afternoon on Richard Bacon’s show (6 Music’s latest cutting edge Disc Jockey); making hilarious comments on the weeks news – many of which he reused on Question Time. Needless to say none of my text messages about Hillsborough were put to him. Turns out he and Bacon have previous.

    • aye chris – you’d think that mackenzine was some kind of cross between chris hitchens and peter cooke, the way the BBC laps him up when in fact he’s a poor man’s clarkson, who’s a poor man’s pj o’rourke, who’s a poor man’s hunter thompson, who’s a poor man’s hemingway, who’s a poor man’s flaubert…..and so on.

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