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Sigur Ros Open Iceland’s First Theme Park

December 19, 2011

Icelandic soundscapists, Sigur Ros have opened the country’s first theme park featuring a big dipper, a log flume, waltzer and even a kiddy’s farm area. ‘SigurRosLand’ will open its gates early in 2012 and hopes to attract over a billion visitors over the next ten years, making it bigger than either Disneyland or Alton Towers.

The band’s singer Jonsi told Swine “We’ve always loved going crazy at Blackpool Pleasure Beach when we were over touring in the UK and we thought ‘why isn’t there something like this back in Iceland?’ Iceland is so boring with its active volcanoes and moon-like landscape so we thought we’d try and liven it up a little bit for the teens and the kids. The kiddy’s farm area was my idea because I like the idea of mom and dad coming along and going ape shit on the rollercoaster then taking the little ones to feed the goats. There’s something for everyone at SigurRosLand.”

However rival Icelandic soundscapists, Mum claim that a theme park was their idea first. Founder member of Mum, Gunnar Orn Tynes told us “the fun ride theme park was our idea after we visited the world famous Gulliver’s World in Warrington in 2007. We were totally blown away by the experience because Iceland has nothing like Gulliver’s World so we made plans for MumWorld which I showed to Jonsi. Next thing I hear is that Jonsi has only gone and bought a 300 acre plot behind the fish market and is opening up SigurRosLand. He knows I came up with the concept first and that GusGus were also looking at opening up their own ice rink and bowling alley. This is going to blow apart the Iceland indie soundscape scene. Jonsi has betrayed us and I certainly won’t be riding on his shitty big dipper or feeding the goats with my young daughter.”

Bjork was unavailable for comment but a close source told Swine to ‘fuck off!’


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