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TV Highlights

December 13, 2011

Text Hitla

Give some poorly kids the chance of a llfetime by texting cuddly Adolf and asking him to send them off to a death camp of their choice.

Cracked Mirror

A surreal, provocative series by Charlie Nicholas that explores our responses to celebrity culture written by celebrity quiz show newspaper columnist and his tv presenter girlfriend.

Frozen Zoo

Sir David Battenburg and his team film loads of animals in Chester Zoo and then superimpose them onto a snowy background using the latest 3G effects.

The Real  Rumplestiltskin

In an ordinary council house in Barnsley lives a cruel midget who forces girls into sweat shop labour for local kings and then eats their babies or something, anyway he’s dead little and wears pointy shoes so that’s good enough for us.  


Celebrated psychoanalyst, Pamela Stephenson and bumpkin poet, Pam Ayres travel across the sahara in search of a tedious travelogue series where they can meet local tribsepeople and claim to be humbled by the simpilicity of their lives before fucking off  home on a giant jumbo jet.

Cops With Dildos

All night digital channel frolics with the Brummy bobbies and their array of amusing sex toys.

William – Helicopters and Hos

A rare chance to follow the heir to the throne as he pretends to rescue dickheads from snowy mountain tops and celebrates with his ‘pals’ in the brothels of Bangor and Betys-Y-Coed.

This Is Shit 88

Following on from This Is Shit and This Is Shit 86, TIS88 sees Dave, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Dopey facing the break up of their stupid gang as acid house and a plague of paedophiles attack their estate.  



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