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Target Practice

December 2, 2011

Getting wound up about Jeremy Clarkson is like getting angry about geometry; pointless! Clarkson’s latest contrived controvesy, saying that striking trade unionists should be executed in front of their families made me laugh. It’s what you’d expect from someone who writes for The Sun and the Sunday Times, who makes millions off the back of his various BBC enterprises, who pretends to be a bluff Yorkshireman despite his public school Paddington Bear selling background.

‘Jezza’ (as people called Jeremy like to call themselves to make themselves sound more manly and less posh) is just the warped reflection of the Middle English mentality that views every single issue as an affront to their ‘birthright.’ These people are frightened by just about everything and despite their wealth, their power, their security, their media support, cannot accept that the world is changing around them and they are powerless to halt it.

There is something deeply malicious in the heart of the Tory mindset and you can see it every time Cameron, Osborne, Gove, Hague or one of the other government gargoyles open their mouths. The world is out to get them; the do-gooders, the ‘liberals,’ the unions, the Iranians, the gypsys, the Germans, the benefit cheats, the single mums, the gays, the ecologists, the hoodies, the rioters, the tree huggers, the lentil munchers, all determined to stop their fun and take away their poxy little slice of GDP. Clarkson himself, as he admits, is only a buffoonish exaggeration of these so-called libertarian/Neo Con beliefs. His liberal baiting pronouncements only increase his stature with Top Gear fans and One Show fanatics who regard him as a fearless teller of truths, truths the nanny state, EuroZone, Health and Safety, Tofu Jumper Nazis want to suppress.

As a defender of free speech, I don’t give a fuck what Clarkson says, just as I don’t give a fuck what 40 BNP cranks discuss in a Wavertree alehouse. Let them believe what they want even if they wouldn’t extend the same priviledge to us. Just as the BBC banned elected Sinn Fein spokespeople from news reports and just as the Islam4UK/Hell For Heroes crew have been proscribed by the ‘state’ so the myth of ‘free speech’ in a so-called ‘liberal democracy’ is exposed for the lie that it has always been.

Clarkson is free to say all striking public workers should be executed in front of their families as long as I can say the same for the Countryside Alliance or the royal family. That’s not to say that either of us are going to go out and do an Anders Breivik but no-one can be denied their ideology. Each one of us is the master of our own conscience and the monarch of our own intellect.

Clarkson’s a tit, so what? The whopper’s a ten bob P.J O’Rourke wannabe who has skilfully made a fortune from milking the prejudices of millions of smirking middle aged Partridge clones. Good luck to him in his Isle Of Man tax haven and his second home next door to Dave n’ Sam in Chipping Norton. My only criticism of his outburst was that he apologised, the fucking lightweight!


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  1. I think that this outrage at these types of comments represent the debasement of ‘serious’ debate: it allows for the most moronic comments to set the wider agenda.

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