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Sepp n’ Silvio Live at Zurich RNA

November 18, 2011

Sepp Blatter – Hey Silvio, I hear your rumpy pumpy parties got you in hot water

Silvio Berlusconi – Ah, I’m gonna be dead soon Sepp, might as well go outa widda bang eh?

Sepp – For sure, Sil, would you believe the shit that gets thrown at us at our age?

Silvio – Tell me aboud it Sepp! Wadda fuck is wrong with a red blooded man liking a pretty under age girl eh?

Sepp – We could do with some of your ‘dancers’ in ladies football instead of all these bull dyke lesbians putting off the viewers at home. I bet that’ll get me in the shit now!

Silvio – Mamma mia! No-one has a sense of humour any more Sepp. You can’t even say ‘nigger’ these days and all the communists come out from under their rocks and call you a racist.

Sepp – Careful now Silvio, people might think you’re some kind of crypto-fascist mafia don just because you were a member of the notorious P2 lodge and became the biggest media baron in Italy by bribery and corruption.

Silvio – And people might think you’re a corrupt egomaniac who will stop at nothing to preserve your power as the head of an organisation that makesa The Northern League looka like a bunch of cuddly boy scouts Sepp.

Sepp – You dirty wop!

Silvio – You bent Swiss motherfucker.

Sepp – Now let’s shake hands like men who can take a joke eh Sil? Silvio?? Somebody call a doctor!


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