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Sign Swine’s e-Petition to Ban e-Petitions Now!

November 15, 2011

Swine has today officially registered an e-Petition seeking to ban e-Petitions for the reasons outlined below……

“We wish to register an e-petition that seeks to ban e-petitions, which we regard as futile PR exercises used by a cynical government as a way of camouflaging their draconian policies under the pretence of listening to and reacting to the concerns of the general public. E-petitions are in fact counter-democratic, offering a sop to single issue fanatics and self-regarding obsessives whilst ignoring or criminalising legitimate protest.”

Now, after the recent Hillsborough e-petition forced MPs to discuss the issue, some of our loyal readers may find this offensive yet let’s be honest here, if it takes a fucking electronic petition of 100,000 names or more to get our ‘democratically elected’ representatives to debate on such an emotive and potentially explosive issue, then perhaps the system itself needs addressing.

If it transpires that Thatcher and senior ministers conspired with senior policemen, the media and civil servants to cover up establishment failings and direct a state sanctioned propaganda campaign against Liverpool fans, then it won’t be the recent e-petition that uncovered this. Relentless campaigning by the HJC and others over the past 22 years has ensured that those in positions of power need to be held responsible despite a co-ordinated attempt to demonise fans as ‘conspiracy theorists’ who need ‘to move on.’

E-petitions are a Daily Mail reader’s dream come true. If it’s not ‘bring back hanging’ or ‘beheading sharia law enthusiasts’ then it’s ‘no increase on petrol duty’ or ‘burn young rioters.’ E-petitions appeal most to those armchair One Show extremists who can’t be arsed actually moving from their laptops to protest or register their impotent rage in any other way.

Believe it or not there are still some people who don’t own computers (yeah I realise the irony of that statement on a fucking blogsite) and this supposedly ‘easy way to influence government policy’ is just a way for the rich and powerful to give the pretence that they are ‘listening.’

Government policy is not and should not be responsive to kneejerk voxpops in whatever format. That’s what fucked New Labour, this cowardly capitulation to ‘the public mood’ which was infact only the right wing media’s own engineered version of ‘public opinion.’

With the inquiry into press ethics now beginning in the wake of the News International hacking scandal, perhaps governments and policy makers should think through their manifestoes before chopping and changing their policies when the vested interests of the papers begin to howl their hypocritical and hollow protests.

The British press has been allowed to set the political agenda for decades because politicians are scared to offend powerful owners and editors. Yet these people, Murdoch and MacKenzie, Dacre and Wade were only ever as powerful as politicians allowed them to be. Their power to influence voters was always greatly exaggerated and yet, still, Milliband and Cameron run scared of these revolting maggots who have infected our culture for too long.

So sign Swine’s e-petition now or maybe write to your MP instead or join Occupy Cheshire Oaks or something.


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  1. Spot on about how e-petitions are simply a sop and about the system needing to be looked at. I think that the ‘Daily Mail readers’ bit has become a bit of a cliché, mate, it would be more apposite to apply it to the Guardian and all those who support the fucking unwashed, middle-class cunts who have turned the area around St Paul’s into one big toilet.

  2. liberal baiting is a cruel sport denis – they should ban it!

    • Well the ban-happy liberals will only be too willing to accommodate that proposals.

      Letter to The Guardian, quickly!

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