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Meet Swine’s new columnist; Andy Curlew (he takes no prisoners!)

November 9, 2011

So FIFA have betrayed our brave heroes by refusing to allow the England team to wear their poppies when playing the Spanish on Saturday. Typical! Let’s forget that FIFA are perhaps the most corrupt bunch of gangsters since Al Capone and his mob took over Chicago, what this bunch of bent, self-serving bureaucrats are doing is literally pissing on the gravestones of the very people who defeated the Nazis, the jihadists, the IRA, the commies and the Argies and all the other so-called ‘freedom fighters’ who want to destroy our freedoms.

What possible objection can these lilly livered bunch of losers have to the good old British poppy? They say they forbid any religious or political symbols on football shirts ignoring the fact that the poppy isn’t religious OR political. No, the poppy is a symbol of what makes Britain so great and the envy of the world, our magnificent Queen, head of the Anglian church and her magnificent family, who represent our brilliant armed forces who have been so magnificent and brilliant in putting down revolts by jumped up Arabs and other potty terrorists.

That’s not political, it’s about bringing much needed oil revenue to help out our magnificent banks and finance sectors who are the real wealth creators in this magnificent country of ours. Oh and helping fellars circumcise their daughters ofcourse, as is their right under sharia law, a law trampled on by dictators such as Saddam and Gaddafi. Good riddance.

My grandad fought in the first world war and died aged 19 ont he muddy fields of the Somme. My father was a reservist in the second world war and died when a doodlebug fell on his potting shed. My son is currently serving in Afghanistan and I hope one day to follow their example and die a futile death at the hands of those very terrorists and tyrants who will sit it out like cowards and laugh as we compromise and capitulate to the Taliban just as we did with the IRA.

Then our brave boys can return home, heads held high in the knowledge that we will never forget them as they queue up for their disability benefits that have been scrapped by this government in order to bail out the Greeks, the wops and the gypsy hordes invading our dear, tolerant, country in their millions every year, spreading Aids and robbing sports shops in organised pick pocket gangs. Is this what these brave boys died for? To kow tow to Sepp Blatter and his cronies?

If these spics, krauts and wops refuse to wear their own poppies then that’s their look out but why shouldn’t Carlos Tevez be allowed to remember the brave, magnificent para who bayonetted his uncle in the eye during the battle of goose green? It makes a mockery of our well earned reputation for tolerance, fair play and decency (and the rule of law); virtues that are synonimous with British values. Perhaps we’ve become too tolerant in fact and should kill those who question our tolerancee and sense of fair play by blowing them up from 30,000 feet in the air. That will teach them a lesson alright.


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  1. required (postingtons) permalink

    Due to the Kay Burleyesque 24 hour news drugs I can now receive, I have now knitted poppy’s into all of my spare apparellations. Who needs M&S crew neck woolens……………….no me no more !

    • luckily FIFA have ‘seen sense’ now that Brave King Billy has intervened – wonder if the spanish will wear franco insignia as a protest?

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