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DJ Dogshit & MC TenBob Hotdog spreadin’ vibez

August 26, 2011

DJ Dogshit speakz tru

Libya eh lid? That Gadaffi mush had it coming eh? When he blew up the 911 Building I lost all respect for the fellar. Some nobs reckon it’s all about oil but there’s not even no oil in Libya and our kid should know cos he works out on the rigs and all the oil comes from Russia. I’m not sure if the rebels are all that really, they had the NATO lads on their side with one casualty that Red Arrows lad who shot down the snipers then crashed his red Arrow into the mosque as payback for bombing of the Dunblane kids. Get in! One nil to the Redmen!

MC TenBob Hotdog speeches science

Stephen Dawkins got a new book coming out. I don’t rate the tit myself. So what he’s got a spaz charriot and looks through a telescope? Our kid can do that and he’s not even 6 yet. I tell him to look at the plough and he can recognise all the stars, even the sun and super-massive black holes from 100 trillion light years away just by turning the aerial on his portable to the side. It’s all bollocks sience anyway, how does Stephen fucking Dawkins know what’s out there when he’s blind? He goes round saying God is all in our imagination but what gets me is whaere did our imagination come from then eh, professor so-called brainbox? Hah!


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