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Gregory’s Girls?

July 18, 2011

The women’s world cup has been won by Japan which is great news for women footballers, especially Japanese women footballers. Now I regard myself as a male feminist who regarded the late Andrea Dworkin as a bit of a lightweight but let’s face it women’s football is hardly the modern equivalent of SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men). As John n’ Yoko once put it ‘woman is the nigger of the world’ and that remains as true now in these supposedly enlightened times as it did back in the 1970s or indeed the 1370s. One half of the entire population of the world is kept in virtual or real slavery in many areas of the world across all cultures including those that regard themselves as ‘progressive.’

Yet feminism these days seems to have settled for a butch emulation of traditional male vices; testosterone fuelled showing off and violence. Women can join the police, the armed services, can become mass murderers, torturers, child abusers, suicide bombers just like their menfolk. Either that or cracking on that getting yer tits out or starring in porno is somehow ’empowering’ and not degrading. That’s equality for ya. So forgive me if the women’s world cup didn’t set my TV alight, that’s not a patriarchal conspiracy against the female gender just an admission that women’s football is fucking useless.

If only there were female footballers who could hold down a place in a decent top flight club, then we’d see some semblance of progress and yes, I acknowledge that part of the problem is structural and cultural, seperation of the sexes at school and league level (in all sports) should’ve been outlawed decades ago. Skill and opportunity should go hand in hand but with people like Sepp Blatter in charge of the game commenting that maybe lady players should wear skimpy kits and with commentators like Keys and Grey denouncing female officials, never mind players no wonder equality is a long way off.

The sad truth is that women’s world cup is as tokenistic and insulting as the Paralympic Games, both competitions that pretend to be on a par with the main event but in reality are only really of interest to those who participate and their friends and families. This is not to say they’re not worthwhile and shouldn’t be celebrated and supported but that the media profile is out of all proportion to the event’s actual merits. Wheelchair baskbetball is a skilful game and at its best is an exciting, enjoyable sport but it’s never going to match non-wheelechair basketball as a form of mass entertainment and likewise women’s football may have one or two great players and some spectacular goals but when all’s said and done the top international sides are only as good as average lower division or even pub teams.

In their own right they are as valid as any other activity but let’s not fool ouselves that they offer sport ‘at the highest level’ as that’s just a form of liberal hand-wringing. Tanni Grey-Thompson isn’t ‘the ultimate olympian’ she’s just fast as fuck on a go cart. This isn’t a betrayal of womens or disabled rights, it’s actually an insult to those who are denied equality because of their sex or disability.


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  1. John C permalink

    women ruin everything, is it any wonder why we keep them down – think on eh?

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