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The Royal Scam

April 21, 2011

for who shall go about
To cozen fortune and be honourable
Without the stamp of merit? Let none presume
To wear an undeserved dignity.
O, that estates, degrees and offices
Were not derived corruptly, and that clear honour
Were purchased by the merit of the wearer!
How many then should cover that stand bare!
How many be commanded that command!
How much low peasantry would then be glean’d
From the true seed of honour! and how much honour
Pick’d from the chaff and ruin of the times
To be new-varnish’d!

Shakespeare, The Merchant Of Venice Act 2 Scene IX

There are no obligatory codes of behaviour when meeting The Queen or a member of the Royal Family, but many people wish to observe the traditional forms.

For men this is a neck bow (from the head only) whilst women do a small curtsy. Other people prefer simply to shake hands in the usual way.

On presentation to The Queen, the correct formal address is ‘Your Majesty’ and subsequently ‘Ma’am’.

For male members of the Royal Family the same rules apply, with the title used in the first instance being ‘Your Royal Highness’ and subsequently ‘Sir’.

For other female members of the Royal Family the first address is conventionally ‘Your Royal Highness’ followed by ‘Ma’am’ in later conversation.

From ‘Greeting A Member Of The Royal Family’ on website

The royal wedding smile gives the whole game way.  It’s the smile that gets right to the very heart of the way in which the vested interests controlling not only the monarchy but the entire British establishment manipulate every facet of our society. The royal wedding smile is the cheesy, shit-eating grin that all newsreaders adopt when relating some trivial piece of tit-tat masquerading as ‘news’ and it exposes the level of compliance and duplicity at the heart of the BBC and other media organisations. The royal wedding smile is a stage direction and it has been placed there by a producer who has been instructed by some higher apparatchik within the BBC/ITV/Sky who has also been instructed by someone higher up the chain of command and they have been instructed by someone very high up within ‘royal circles’ to pander to the relentless demands of the BuckHouse media spin machine.

The royal wedding has been meticulously planned and there’s a lot riding on its success.  At every step over the past 15 years or so, the monarchist puppeteers have been hatching their plans because the Diana ‘incident’ nearly did for them.  It all came very close to tumbling down around their ears and they knew they’d become complacent.  Notice how the ‘royal romance’ between William and Kate has been stage managed for years and that the so-called careers of the prince and his brother have been neatly sewn up recently?  Notice how the media went completely loco when the ‘momentous announcement’ was made, clearing away vast acres of valuable broadcast and print space to this ‘event.’ Notice how they’ve cranked up the hype  as the date gets nearer, with all manner of trivia devoted to the  minutiae of the ceremony and how we’ll all be celebrating?  Notice too how Charles and Camilla have been neatly removed from the scene as the media profile of William in particular has become the number one concern of the ‘royal spin doctors’ or ‘advisers,’ whoever they are.

Photo ops with the two Daves; Cameron and Beckham, the RAF rescue ‘job’,  the good work for charity jaunts, and now the marriage to a ‘common gel’ – all carefully timed in the first stage of the succession.  For this is what we are witnessing, the passing of the crown from Liz to Wills, something so slick and insidious that maybe even the poor bastards themselves don’t even realise it’s happening.   These  ‘dark forces’ these  ‘powers at work… of which we know nothing’ that the Queen herself allegedly alluded to after royal butler, Paul Burrell began to cause ripples in the aftermath of the death of Diana may or may not exist.  However, the royals do not appear capable of any level of strategic thought or action, so someone must be doing it for them. These people, whether they are described as advisers or courtiers are nebulous and nameless.  They are there somewhere in the background, beyond the reach of politicians and civil servants, judges and generals controlling every element of the royal family’s lives.  This is a Trueman Show using the lives of real people, the Windsors and the British people as a smokescreen for their own interests.  

Now, it’s easy to be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist and a republican crank by such talk and whilst it seems fanciful to imagine there is some elaborate plot taking place, there is at the very least deliberate orchestration and a good measure of collusion. That cannot be denied and the royal wedding smile gives it away. This, you see,  is ‘good news,’ it is ‘happy news’ and therefore the same ‘happy news face’ must be displayed by the newsreaders, the same face they are directed to pull with fluffy, ‘the world aint such a bad place after all’ stories at the end of some bulletins. Yeah, we know the REAL news is a depressing litany of death and hunger and murder and greed and scandal but the royal wedding is a heart warming cat in a cardigan tale to warm the nation’s hearts.  

Under the auspices of ‘the public interest,’(a vague entity, the ‘Great British Public.’ Who are they? How do you know what they feel, what they think, what they want?’) the news agenda is deliberately manipulated by these people.  This goes beyond mere reportage and becomes propaganda. Let’s call it by it’s true name. What other name is there for it?

In whose interests is this agenda being manipulated? Well, the same interests as 50 years ago, 100 years ago, 1000 years ago. There are vast tracts of land still ‘owned’ by the descendents of Norman nobles who were awarded them by William The Conqueror.  An hereditary monarchy provides stability and avoids the messy business of power struggles between competing aristocrats and warlords. That kind of stuff is bad for business. Put simply, the people with all the money and the power want to keep it that way and who can blame them? That is the way of all elites in all cultures no matter how supposedly meritocratic or autocratic, democratic or theocratic they pretend to be. Simple self-interest is the fuel, ego and greed the twin engines of elitism. The British elite is just very good at concealing it; or rather not actually concealing it but pretending it’s something other than what is really is. This level of sophistication – the application of sophistry – is quite admirable in many ways as an exercise in thought control.

How do they do this? It takes a profound level of cynicism and a compliant host.  Luckily the past 150 years have provided a succession of royals so monumentally dim and lacking in intellect or energy that each generation throws up a person of such dull conformity that their job is made ever easier. In William they have an exceptional candidate, lacking his father’s obnoxious sense of self-worth but not his sense of entitlement.  He is a blank slate, a man who will tow the line, play the game, do his ‘duty.’ Forget all that fighting talk that Charles Spencer spewed after the death of his sister. He has not protected his young nephews from the malignant machinations of the royal puppeteers; rather he has offered them up for sacrifice.  Maybe they could never have lead a normal life, maybe they were always destined to be controlled and exploited in this manner and maybe this is only what they and we deserve.  

It’s difficult to stand up this process without appearing deluded or dangerous. That’s why abstract notions such as  ‘treason’ operate in the same way as ‘blasphemy.’   The construction of a mythical ‘national identity’ with the royal family at its apex is indoctrinated into the people at every stage of their lives. The queen is not only the head of state but the head of the church and whilst this is not as important or influential as it once was, she is also head of the armed forces and her children receive token positions in the military hierarchy.  For Queen And Country,  the two things become inseparable but the military, like the royal family, are only doing the bidding of the vested interests of the real power behind the throne and the war rooms of Whitehall.  

This is the queen’s true constitutional role; to pimp for the city. This is why she is wheeled out to glad hand torturers, women haters, murderers, tyrants and scumbags of every stamp. As long as they sign on the dotted line, the whole farce can continue and it will be presented as being in the ‘national interest’ and not only benefitting the multi-million bonus earning city top brass but also us lot; the little people in our trickle-down economy.  We’re all in it together, after all. This is the classic illusion of those who view everything through the prism of nationhood, rather than class.  The promotion of an abstract sense of shared cultural values and common goals is reiterated at every opportunity by politicians of both left and right. Oaths have been sworn after all.

However, there is only one sense of belonging on offer.   The dark forces have their grip on every structure and pillar of our ‘liberal democracy’; the military, the judiciary, the bureaucracy, the police, the church, the ‘intelligence service’, the banks and financiers and most importantly, the media.  Without the media on board asking no questions, stifling any dissent, refusing to investigate too rigorously, they can keep it all running smoothly. In times of austerity, reduce all civil list costs to so many pence per person per day. Repeat this mantra at every opportunity. The royals don’t cost us xx billion per annum, they cost us just  xx pence per day; cheaper than a loaf of bread. Their own vast fortunes and tax loopholes, their own sickening looting of the public purse and theft of the land and natural resources is pooh-poohed away in a shower of relativism; isn’t it better to have a hereditary monarch than a President Blair or Thatcher or a tyrannical despot like Saddam or Mugabe? Well, let us have the option, let us have a vote on the matter. Why have head of state anyway? Why have a state?

The globalised digital culture has had far more effect than any ideological remnants of 19th century capitalism or Marxism. The myth of ‘free’ trade and moral imperialism has exploded. Everyone knows the selective use of warfare to defend trade interests and share prices has no basis in ethics and yet many of us still want to wave flags and worship wealth.  The royal wedding smile is the same smile that sends young mostly working class men and women men to their deaths in unwinnable wars that always end in capitulation or compromise. We won’t remember them, we never do, unless they are friends or relatives. The squaddy fetishisation and hero worship of young death is advertised to our poor young  as escape, as sun n’ sea n’ sex in the surf. That is not only cynical, it is obscene and every year the wreaths are laid by the Queen on whose behalf these boys have been sacrificed. Her sons ofcourse, her grandsons will never be placed in real danger, despite their toy uniforms and tin medals.  Their lives are worth more, they need to be kept alive and protected to keep the royal scam in place. So, smile everybody, get out the bunting and break out the bubbly; here’s to the young Prince and his bride!  The whole world is watching.


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