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Fuck The Bid!

December 1, 2010


Three Lions? Three cunts more like. The revolting triumvirate of Beckham, Cameron and Prince William are over in Zurich sucking FIFA cock in yet another humiliating display of political desperation. The so-called ‘Home of Football’ (football’s coming home?) wants the 2018 World Cup pretty badly. Which is why a gormless toff, an Old Etonian rugger bugger and a preening Cockney halfwit are prostrating themselves before the corrupt, self-serving FIFA aparatchiks in a last minute attempt to butter up the very officials condemnded in Panorama’s timid ‘expose’ of bungs and backhanders. FIFA officials corrupt shock! Next they’ll be telling us the Pope shits in the woods!     

Take a look at the official bid website and check out its ‘supporters’; celebrities of the calibre of X-Factor nonentity, Joe McElderry, indie-pop whoppers, Scouting For Girls and Harry Potter beaut, Rupert Grint. This is the new Engerland demographic, the face-painted, ten bob St George cross flag from the bedroom window, Mars Bar advert loving New Footy heartland. Brought up on a diet of Sky tv and red top tittle tattle, the new ‘footy’ brigade are every bit as desperate for attention as Beckham, Cameron and the Man Who Would Be King, desperate for approval and the reflected ‘glory’ of hosting yet another excuse for nationalism, bigotry and macho posturing dressed up as ‘sport.’

But the World Cup will bring economic benefits the propagandists say, as they continually say about the Olympics but as ever these economic benefits are never clarified. Who will benefit? For how long will they benefit? What is your definition of benefit anyway? Euro 96 was a tournament that lived in the memory not because of any implied or actual cultural or economic cause and effect but for Gazza getting water squirted into his kite in yet another false dawn for the delusional Three Lions fellowship.

2018|2022 Bidding Nation England

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; international football is doomed, not from any political perspective as concepts of nationality dissolve via the ‘naturalisation’ of a globalised population but from the selfish but entirely reasonable economic demands of the top European clubs who seek the protection of their ‘assets’ from injury and fatigue. There’s only one tournament that truly matters in football and that’s the Champions League. In the long run, Blatter and co will reap they’ve sown and the pathetic pimping of politicans, princes and players will be seen for what it is.


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  1. Chelsea67 permalink

    Thats a lovely, heartwarming piece of work. I like things like that

  2. Chelsea67 permalink

    Sorry, comment was meant for the other article.

    Personally couldn’t give a shit about World Cup Bids, can you imagine the nuggets coming out of the woodwork if the bid had been successful. Three Lions, “1966 and all that”, Sir Geoff (TM) and a tsunami of jingoistic BS from all corners and every freeloader under the sun who’s never actually paid to get into a football ground, (sorry stadium) in their life. And thats just in the days after the bid! We’d have ceremonies every five minutes marking some sort of countdown to the opening game and, before you know it, they’d be a Sports Direct on every street corner hawking commemorative tat.

    It don’t end there …. The Knights of St George will have a field day. Fatties in Lonsdale 3/4 length shorts and checked caps all standing outside JD Wetherspoons, singing “anti-IRA songs” before waiting for enough numbers to attack the kebab house … “fuckin cunts are still overdue for Taksim Square”.

    Nah … aint my cup of tea. Mind you, I wouldn’t fancy being a Nigerian fan in Moscow much. Can’t see the local skinhead firms getting swept along on the “footie fever”

  3. glad not all you chelsea fans are EDL cranks mate.

  4. Chelsea67 permalink

    Certainly not the fellas I’ve grown up with and gone to games with for the last 30 years aint. Probably more in common with you lot than you realise.

    Sadly … there’s plenty that are! Come across one yesterday, serious, heavy duty weirdo!

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